Welcome on the brandnew site for Célicath !

If you are a Christian, single, if you live the waiting in Peace and Hope, confident that this time of apparent sterility is a blessed and fruitful time during which the Lord prepares his children.

If, however, you sometimes have trouble feeling the grace of celibacy. If you sometimes have the feeling that this state could mean that God has forgotten you ... If around you it evokes the celibacy somewhat derogatory ... If you are discouraged.

If you have the desire, sharp or confused, going towards marriage ... then the following might interest you.

On 28 April 2013, some Catholic singles met to consider how to give shape to the conviction that the Lord said to the singles « Go you also into my vineyard » and that this work is well paid, since « The workers of the eleventh hour came and each received a denarius. »

Through the gospel of the day ( « I give you a new commandment, that ye love one another »), the Lord encouraged them to create a group of singles where they can meet in the Christian spirit ( « where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst »), participate in various social events, recreational and formative to live their celibacy more happily and strengthen their belonging to Christ.

The main activity is to meet once a month to attend Mass together 18:30 and spend the rest of the evening in a restaurant near the church until 22:30.

You will find other activities by reading the site.

Singles and Christians, if the heart tells you, we invite you to join us to share with us the graces that the Lord gives us to live together.


Allow singles to meet in a Christian spirit. «Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them».


If you are single and a Christian, you can join Célicath by participating in one of our activities.

The group grows by cooptation. We ask everyone, from the moment he is a member of Célicath, to invite a friend. Each new arrival invites a person who invites in turn, etc.

You can also sign up with this website. We will then contact you to confirm your inscription.

Célicath is a meeting group for Christian singles, created to allow Catholics single (and persons belonging to other Christian denominations), to meet others and find a future spouse among them.

!!! NB: for «singles» we mean:

  • people who have never been married,
  • widowers
  • and divorced who have regained the freedom to marry following a declaration of nullity of marriage.


To join Célicath and have access to the private part of the site, you need to

  • either be sponsored by someone already a member,
  • or complete the contact form . In the latter case, we will then contact you to confirm your inscription.

Thereafter, your account will be created and a link will be sent by email and you can define Your login and personal password on the site.

Once you receive a login and password to access the private area, you can

  • consult the agenda of activities organized by Célicath or its members,
  • sign up for either of these activities,
  • contact the organizer of the activity (whether Célicath or a member)
  • sign up for the newsletter to receive a list of activities,
  • configure your profile (name, username, password, photo, birthday, preferences ...),
  • and create and manage yourself your own activities.

Different activities are specifically organized by Célicath:

  • Usual: Mass followed by a restaurant (and preceded sometimes of another activity: walking, ...)
  • Less usual: Expo visit, biking day at sea, ...
  • Extraordinary: retirement, night in Montmartre, trip to Rome ...

The usual activity organized by Célicath consists of participation in the Eucharist last Sunday or Saturday of the month followed by a restaurant.

  • Mass: Mass usually takes place in a Brussels church, mostly in the evening around 18:30.
  • Restaurant: the restaurant is usually chosen around the church, right after mass ... around 19:30 20h. Everyone pays the amount of the meal of choice. Prices are quite democratic and the food is good.
  • Frequency: once a month on the last Sunday or Saturday of each month, with exceptions (Christmas ...) in which case it will be the previous Sunday or Saturday.

Our Saint patron

The patron saint of our group is John Paul II (his canonization was held in Rome April 27, 2014).


  • Prayer to the Archangel Raphael

    « Divine guide, Saint Raphael,
    you who have found a life companion to young Tobias,
    lead me in my wishes
    and my uncertainty.
    Many dangers are on my way,
    be my light.
    And that, by your intercession,
    I find that one
    that God intended for me,
    to found with her (him)
    a true Christian home
    who give glory to God
    and ensures our earthly happiness
    and in eternity.
    Saint Raphael, pray for me. »
  • Prayer to St. Anthony for the grace of love. And no, he does not only care the lost items! Aleteia 30 June 2016

    «Great friend St. Anthony,

    You who are the protector of lovers,
    Look at me, my life, my desires.
    Defend me from hazards,
    Put far from me the failures,
    disillusionment, disenchantment.

    Grant that I may be realistic,
    that I have confidence, that I am worthy and joyful.
    That I could walk looking at the future and the lives of two
    with the sacred vocation to found a family.
    That My relationship be happy and love without measure.

    Let all lovers seek mutual understanding,
    communion of life and growth in faith.

    Amen »
  • Prayer to Saint Joseph to ask for a husband or wife father Yannik Bonnet

    «Great Saint Joseph,

    By your chaste union with the Immaculate,
    who has known, by the announcement of the Angel Gabriel,
    that she would be mother keeping the glory of her virginity,
    You lived in the complete sacrifice of yourself,
    the highest possible level of self-giving in conjugal love.
    You deserve the title of patron of the young couple.

    That's why I'm seeking your intercession
    for you to help me
    to meet the one with whom I can build a couple
    and a solid family, with God's grace,
    in the natural order as in the supernatural order.

    I long with all my heart to enter this path of marriage,
    which, in the image of the Holy Trinity, is self-giving,
    acceptance of the other and still greater communion.

    With your help, I commit myself
    in this state, which is a way of holiness,
    like all your life testified.

    Saint Joseph, pray for me. »